Send SMS directly from Google Sheets using formulas!

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Send 5 SMS in the US
0.3$ to test!
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  Responses are supported  

Dedicated number

Call and receive calls

Send SMS from spreadsheet
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Price depends on country

Send SMS from Google Sheets!

Sheet SMS adds new formulas in your sheet:

Use them to send SMS easily and rapidly!

Send SMS with a custom name!

Use a custom name to send your messages!

This is only available for SMS sent directly from a sheet.

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Send SMS from Google Sheets

Fees may apply for text messages


Send SMS directly from Google Sheets

Send a lot of messages

Send a lot of messages

Stop losing time to reach all your recipients!

Planify in advance when messages are sent

Schedule when to send

Decide exactly when the message is sent to optimise your communication!


"I am using Sheet SMS to contact our fleet of delivery drivers"

John, owner of a delivery company, uses Sheet SMS to contact employees and keep them updated in real time

"We remind patients about their appointments. Ability to schedule sending is so useful!"

Sarah uses Sheet SMS to planify and send messages to patients the day before they need to come to her dental clinic.

"I used to spend hours every day to message all my students before classes... Today Sheet SMS allows me to contact all of them in few seconds, it is truly AWESOME!"

Martin uses Sheet SMS to send messsages to his students before the lectures.

"I don't even need to remember that I need to send messages, I simply integrated the functions from the add on with my schedule sheet!"

Marina is a yoga teachers, she is using Sheet SMS to contact her students.